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In our clinic patient alexander has addressed to. 13 years, the transferred 12 operative interventions apropos formsat the moment of survey the child continued to be wetted sitting on female type, despite earlier transferred operations. considering a sufficient stock of a plastic material on a penis trunk, has been executed by a lateral rag. in 10 days has been written out with an absolute recovery.

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Doctors joke:)

The boy to the doctor, to the urologist comes, the doctor speaks: undress! the boy removes a jacket, accurately it puts, puts on a chair, a shirt as carefully slowly removes, turns off, puts, trousers, the doctor in perplexity, process - the fellow looks at the watch already, and there, removes a t-shirt, turns off, puts.

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Errors in diagnostics and treatment of children with

Infringement of formation of a floor.

Chair of children's surgery moscow.

Fajzulin a.k., prokopyev v. m, fedorova e.v., demin n.v.

For last 30 years frequency of a birth of children with a pathology of genitals has increased several times. this circumstance has caused necessity of working out of algorithm of inspection of patients with the given pathology. besides, quite often clinical physicians commit errors directed by a floor that undoubtedly results further in serious problems.

More often errors are supposed at children with feminization, a syndrome,bilaterialtruemixed a penis and ..

With rare exception inspection of patients does not make special difficulties. one of accessible and rather informative methods of inspection is the ultrasonic scanning of internal genitals allowing in most cases to define a sex of the patient. in doubtful cases are carried out a laparoscopy,histologic research and .. .


Reception professor

Conducts treatment goes at a direct management of the leading expert of russia on children's surgery, urology, andrology, gynecology, professors, the surgeon of the highest category, the member of the european association of children's urologists (espu) ajvara kabirovicha fajzulina.

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Consultations are spent in various clinics of moscow. record on consultation is spent by phone or e-mail. At a call by phone tell to the operator that you address from site Consultation!

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Monthly we we give

Daily we advise and we assist tens children concerning andrology, urology,we perform operations at diseases systems, external genitals. at an early diagnostic stage we warn development of potential diseases.

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In the presence of the obligatory insurance medical policy () - you can receive stationary operative treatment free of charge!

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